Doc in a Day

How long would you say it takes to make a documentary?  Certainly longer than a day, right?  Well, if this is your way of thinking, catch up with the amateur film industry because while professional filmmakers may frown at the idea of creating such a work of art in such a short amount of time, the amateurs have proved it to be possible.

According to blogger Madlen Nicolaus (pictured below), Kodak Europe’s social media manager, in response to Kodak’s “Documentary in a Day with a Kodak PlayTouch” challenge, students have been documenting everything from London bus journeys to stereotyping and immigration, all within the course of 24 hours.

Madlen Nicolaus, Kodak Europe's Social Media Manager

 Nicolaus’ blog can be accessed at the following link:

While reviewing the contents of this blog, let’s keep a few things about successful blogs in mind:

  • Good bloggers tend to include pictures, links and other relevant information regarding their topic on their blog.  Remember, though, not only do they want to add these additional elements, but they also want to make sure that they work.  There is nothing worse than having one of your blog’s visitors click on a link that cannot be accessed.  Nicolaus, nonetheless, certainly mastered this aspect of blogging.  Each of her links allowed me to utilize it with no problems.  Even more, being that her topic was centered around one of Kodak’s products, this enabled her to showcase an abundance of great quality photos on her blog, which brings me to my next point.
  • By blogging about one of the company’s products, although Nicolaus does not, by title, work in the marketing department, she was able to place good publicity and insight in the public’s eyesight regarding the Kodak PlayTouch pocket video camera.  Furthermore, she also added an additional plug for a Kodak-sponsored event, saying, “watch [the results] on the big screen at Open City London Film Festival – June 16th till 19th. So if you are in London, we recommend you come to this lively screening with the filmmakers – students and professionals alike.”  Even if you weren’t considering being in London for this event, her description of the event’s atmosphere will make you reconsider, “One of the highlights of this year’s Open City London Film festival is definitely the unique bicycle powered outdoor cinema, where 20 cyclists will power a huge outdoor screen, accompanied by a bar, world food market and spit roast BBQ. So don’t miss this.”  Who wouldn’t want to see this, right?  Now, let’s get into a deeper area of this analysis—the content of Nicolaus’ blog.
  • In composing her blog, Nicolaus did not include TOO many whitty comments.  In a blog, a few humorous or ironic statements are fine, but once the blogger goes overboard, such puns are, ultimately, a failure.
  • Nicolaus did, however, manage to start off in a manner that interests her targeted readers: “Make a DOC in a DAY? Now that’s a big ask for even a professional filmmaker.”  This opening sentence pulls the reader into the blog because it implies that while a professional filmmaker would not rejoice at having to complete this type of demanding task, there is someone who is able to successfully do so.  As a result, the blog’s visitors are compelled to continue to read in order to get a better explanation, which is one of the goals of a blogger.
  • One possible downfall that Nicolaus had, though, was the fact that she used very little tags in an effort to make her blog more promoted or accessed.  The tags that she used can be found on the very end of the blog.  However, in all truth, Nicolaus’ blog was a fairly decent one, seeing as though it met many criteria for a successful blog, but if you notice, as of 6/16/11, there are no comments listed beneath the blog.  Perhaps, this is the case because people do not know that this blog post exists!  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that adding more tags will instantly get your blog to become more known, but it certainly will help out

To all of you bloggers out there, let this be a lesson:

If you are blogging but you have no audience, this is not a good sign.  Blogs were meant to be interactive, but if you have no one reading your posts, no matter how good the content of your blog may be, you are not achieving all of your goals as a blogger.

Kodak PlayTouch



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