House Arrest: Crime or Cash-In?

With all of the media attention Lindsay Lohan receives due to her outlandish, bad girl ways, there is no reason for anyone to not know of this troubled actress.  However, just in case you somehow missed her numerous appearances on an endless number of news broadcasts and websites, here’s a brief recap:

Recently, Lohan was sentenced to four months in jail after pleading no contest May, 11 to stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store, but due to chronic jail overcrowding in Los Angeles, and because she’s a nonviolent offender, she was eligible for house arrest.  As a result, she wears an electronic ankle bracelet and is confined to the interior premises of her home at all times.  The judge in the case also sentenced Lohan to perform 480 hours of community service, but she will not be allowed to perform that work while under house arrest.  Even more, Lohan was ordered to undergo psychological counseling and participate in a shoplifters alternative course.  Here’s footage of Lohan’s sentencing (*Do not attempt to playback the videos simultaneously to ensure you hear the sound):

Nevertheless, this actress is not allowing even house arrest to hold her down. Besides reading scripts for future productions and holding business meetings, Lohan has also recently starred in a commercial, shot in her apartment, for, an Internet auction site.

According to, “A rep for the company said that Lohan was originally offered a whopping  $25,000 for the gig, but she turned it down. Beezid then upped the ante (the rep says it was in the five figures) and threw in a $10,000 credit to spend on the  site.  That was enough to sway Lohan.”

“The company rep said they chose Lohan because she’s a “huge shopper” who had  “extra time right now.””
Read more:

Lohan admits in an interview with Life & Style magazine that she does miss being beyond the confinement of her $2.25 million, 3,000 square-foot home in Venice Beach, California.  She also says that she is certain to keep alcohol out of the equation—not even allowing her friends to bring it in her home when they visit her.  Furthermore, she insists that she understands the past situations she has placed herself in and she does not wish to revisit them.  However, when questioned about her return to nightclubs, Lohan’s response was “I don’t think you should ever say never.”

So to all of my PR people, do you think that this interview was a good attempt of redemption on Lohan’s behalf?  Personally, I believe that the way she tried to manage her relationship with her fan-base ultimately failed.

As proof, in the previously mentioned eonline website, a few of the comments under the posting says:

  • “If no one gives her anymore attention, she would just fade away… she is not deserving of an opportunity to make so much money for 15 seconds of ‘work’.  She  is not humble or appreciative of anything in her life.  I hope 800 hours of community service gives her a good smack down.” –MHO
  • “After this mockery of house arrest I wouldn’t support Lindsay or any of the  products that endorse her if they gave me the product for free .” –Diane
  • “This proves how unfair and unjust the “justice system”  in the United States  really is. Any other country would NEVER allow this to happen. ” –Gina Fan

Basically, even though Lohan is being kept out of the negative spotlight–for the time being–she is still managing to get some sort of camera time.  She is not showing her fan-base that she is actually taking time to reflect on her actions so that she can be certain not to go back to her previous ways.  Instead, Lohan is using her resources to quickly breeze through her punishment, and using her time to focus only on returning back to her drama-filled life.

Clearly, this approach that Lohan has chosen to take has activated influence noise and barriers amongst her fans.  In other terms, Lohan’s message didn’t produce the desired response from her fans.  If Lohan had a good PR professional on her team, they could have advised her to use this time to “lay low” and later return to the public scene showing that she really and truly has learned her lesson this time around.

TMZ disagrees with Lohan’s actions so to the point that they have produced this video that is, essentially, mocking Lohan’s punishment:


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